Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

In this section, we are providing the cookies policies of our website. The cookies policies are related to your privacy and you are recommended to read the cookie policy and understand what it is and how we use it. We believe in transparency in our business and the right of our customers to be informed about the data we are collecting by them, both with and without their consent.

What are cookies?

Cookies are basically some small text files that are stored in your browser when you visit our website. Cookies are saved in the memory of the device users are using, computers or mobiles. The data stored in the cookies are sent back to the server every time the browser requests a page. These text files help us to identify your device and make your use of our website more secure as it helps us to be informed when you use different devices to log into your user account.

What is a cookies policy?

A cookie policy is everything regarding the cookies. The cookies policy is used to inform the user about the rules regarding the use of cookies by our website. The user can allow us to collect their data using the cookies or they can even forbid us from collecting the data by making some changes in the setting of the web browser. Please be informed that there are some cookies that are necessary for the functionality of our website and that cannot be blocked, and for the same reason, we use these cookies on our website to collect your data, without asking you for your consent.

Types of cookies

There are basically five types of cookies.

1st party cookies: These are the cookies that are placed by our website and it helps us to get information about the users who are visiting the website. This information is only used by our website and we do not share this information with anyone.

3rd party cookies: Third-party cookies belong to the business partners and service provider who are working together with us. They collect the information using the cookie to provide a better service to the users.

The Users Necessary cookies: There are some cookies that are necessary for the functioning website. The website cannot run properly without these cookies.

Session cookies: These cookies are used to identify and remember you during your visit to our website. These cookies are valid for only one session and are deleted once you close the web browser, and the website will treat you as a first-time visitor on your next visit to the website.

Persistent cookies: We use these cookies to enhance the user experience of our website as these cookies are used to remember the details of the users. Using the persistence cookies, we collect the information regarding the user’s login credentials, first name, and last names, email address, and other details provided by the user when filling the form to register for the user account. These cookies also help us to remember and analyze the user’s behavior on our website so that we can provide a better experience to the user when he/she visit the website again in the future. These cookies do not expire even after the browser is closed or the system is restarted.

Why do we place cookies?

Cookies are used for a variety of reasons like recognizing you and your device, to maintain the security of the website and its data, and to give a personalized experience. Having some prior information about the user visiting our website helps us to provide a better user experience to the users and also the user can interact faster with the website as the content of the website is maintained according to the need of the user visiting the website. We also use cookies to display customized and relevant advertisements to our users by knowing about their behavior on our website, their preferences, and search history on different platforms like Google and Facebook.

How do we use cookies for advertising?

Cookies and other ad technology like beacons, pixels, and tags help us serve relevant ads to you more efficiently. They also help us provide cumulative auditing, proper research, and reporting for advertisers, understand and improve our service, and know well when the content has been shown to you.

Note: Because your internet browser may request advertisements and beacons from the third-party ad network servers directly, these networks can view, edit, or set third party cookies, even as if you had requested an internet page from their site.

We would like to make it clear that we do not share or use any of your personal details for advertising, but we use aggregate data from different websites to display the advertisement on our website. These data from different third-party websites help us to show interest-based advertisements to our users. You can opt-out of these third party informed advertisement by adjusting the setting of your web browser. However, opting out doesn’t mean that there will be no advertisements; it will only mean that the advertisement might not be as per your interest.

How to reject or delete cookies?

By default, every browser is set to collect information by accepting cookies. So, if you want to reject or delete the cookies, you need to actively visit the setting of the browser you are using and disable the cookies. Please keep in mind that rejecting or deleting the cookies will lead to irrelevant advertisements and some functions of the website might not even work properly.