Delta Airlines Cancellation Fee | Delta Refund Policy

Guide to Delta Airlines cancellation Fee and refund policy

Delta Airlines Cancellation Fee: Flyers must be aware of different policies while making their flight bookings so that they can save their time and money.

There are many options to book, cancel, and refund the ticket without paying extra charges.

The policies regarding flight booking, cancellation, and rebooking have improved over time.

Now, customers can easily modify their trips, but if the cost of a new ticket is higher than the older one then they will have to pay the difference.


Delta Airlines cancellation policy 888-844-0232

With its worldwide presence in the aviation market, Delta Airlines has attained the top of success to become a leading airline company in the USA.

Like other major airline companies, Delta flight cancellation and refund policy have also been incorporated to maintain fairness and transparency in the deals with its customers.

These policies bear the transparency to put off any kind of discrepancies that may arise in the future.

Being one of the major airlines in the USA, Delta Airlines offers a very decent cancellation policy to help passengers.

The airline company understands plans may change owing to some emergencies and in that case, the travelers may need to cancel their reservations.

Most of the passengers don’t prefer to cancel their flight booking, but according to Delta cancellation policy, the cancellations are risk-free without putting any extra burden on your pocket.

Even the passengers can cancel their flight tickets at the last moment without any trouble.

Before proceeding with the cancellation, it’s better to go through the cost associated with changing or canceling flights as the prices may vary upon the type of your ticket.


Types of  Delta Flight Cancellation and Refund

Delta 24 hours cancellation policy

The 24 hours Delta cancellation policy is almost the same as any other major airline.

The cancellations of tickets options depend upon the booked tickets and their types.

For example, if the flight tickets are booked under economy class, then there are not many options available for cancellation.

But if the bookings are done for the higher class, certain benefits will be available.

This is a risk-free cancellation for a ticket within 24 hours of booking.

Under this policy, you can cancel a ticket without any charge regardless of the type of ticket.

The refund amount is processed within 7 business days and will reflect in your bank statement.

Apart from the risk-free cancellation, the passengers can also change their itinerary without any extra charge, but they have to pay the difference.


Delta Airlines Non-Refundable Ticket

If you have Delta airlines non-refundable ticket and you want to cancel it, then there will be a cancellation fee to be deducted from the original fare and the remaining amount will be issued as a credit for further bookings.

For this, you need to rebook your flight within one year from the original date of issue.


Delta Refundable ticket

If you have a refundable ticket, then there will be no extra charges against the cancellation of the ticket.

The refund amount will be credited back to your bank account as per the original fare of the ticket.

The refundable ticket must be purchased via cash, credit card, or cheque to process the refund procedure as per the airline’s guidelines.

Various options are available to cancel Delta flight booking completely or to only changing the flight.


Award ticket

Like other flights, Delta award flights can be canceled for a full refund within 24-48 hours grace period.

Changes to cancellations can be done up to 72 hours prior to departure.

There is a fixed cancellation charge of $150 for these tickets regardless of the airfare and ticket type.

However, the diamond and platinum members are exempted from the cancellation charges on the award tickets.


Travel insurance

Purchasing travel insurance is beneficial to protect the loss from sudden and uncertain flight cancellation.


Important steps to cancel Delta Airline flight booking

  • Open the official website of Delta airlines
  • On top of the home page, click on ‘My Trips’
  • Now you will get a box where you have to enter the booking confirmation number, your first and last name
  • On the next page, you can view your booking where you can select the trip you want to cancel. Now click on Modify Flight
  • In the next step, perform the changes to be done or to cancel Delta flight


These are the basic steps to request a refund or initiating the cancellation on all sorts of flight tickets booked.

In addition to this, the passengers will be required to fill out the form for the purpose for which they are requesting a refund or cancellation.

Some important points which need to keep in mind about Delta cancellation policy are:

  1. Depending on your ticket type, the cost associated with changing or canceling the flight booking may vary.
  2. The cabin next to the ‘My Trips’ option on the website often specifies if the booking is non-refundable or not.
  3. If you do not find the non-refundable option anywhere, it could mean that the ticket booking is refundable.
  4. The basic economy ticket fare is non-changeable and non-refundable


How to apply for a refund for the unused trip flight bookings?

If you want to apply for a refund for any unused trip that you have purchased, then you must follow the below steps:

  • Fill out the form first to request a refund you need to use
  • Check out the correct date and time of booking, and then apply for a refund
  • Press continue and follow the instructions given on-screen

As the COVID-19 outbreak is spreading, the whole world is taking precautions.

The company has made changes in its Delta cancellation policy due to Corona.

Passengers can also cancel their bookings via helpline number.

Call the help desk and get in touch with the executives to cancel reservations after sharing all the detail with them.

Feel free to call on Thejourneytips Toll-Free number 888-844-0232

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