Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

It is mandatory for all of us to go through the business policy of any organization before using their products and services. The transparent business policies give a crystal clear about the arrangement between a client and service provider or an organization controlling any undesirable and unwanted discrepancies. We Thejourneytips, being one of the best travel entryways, urge you to go through our privacy policy. We value your business with us and encourage or support you to utilize our services as per the guidelines available on our site. Following our guidelines and privacy policy will help you with sharing the information and data in a secure way. Our policies will also help you understand what your responsibilities are as a user of our site. In this way, it is suggested that you experience our arrangements before you take on any assistance or item that we are offering on our site. We advise you to stop your website usage if you are in conflict with any of the points and policies explained below. In any case, your utilization of our site will be a clear sign that you have already agreed to our organization’s policies.

Collection of data

Data is very important and a collective source of information which we plan for our business and develop the services. Unless we manage and collect the data, we can’t offer you better assistance, products and services on your next deal with us. We guarantee that we will collect your data and information in a secured way to ensure protecting the customer rights. Your data incorporates your essential data like your name, date of birth, sex and so forth which are collected while you visit our site and put in the search engine in an endeavor of booking a flight. Aside from this, your data is gathered when you register as a user on our site.

Use of intellectual property

Our site is enriched with the excellent and best-quality information, logos, images and other kind of intellectual property. It is significant for you to realize that the site has copyright upon all of them. You are advised not to reuse those published data and information for any business purposes. You may need to compensate if anything of that sort comes to our notification and has made a critical harm to our reputation.

Maintaining utmost security

We always try to ensure that your data and information stays safe against all sort of misuse. To do the same, we take up different security measures and the whole data available on the website page safe and secured in our multilayer database system. Only the authorized officials will get the information to your data after going through multiple verifications.

Upgrade without notification

We always try to make sure that we don’t pass your data and information with any third party. However, we need to do as such on the off chance when any law authorizing officials and agency directs us to do so. In such conditions, we are not responsible.

Share information with law enforcing agencies

We attempt to ensure that we don’t impart your data to any third party. However, we need to do so if any law enforcing agency guides us to do as such. In such circumstances, we are not responsible.

Price change is subject to the industry norms

The pricing of our services and products generally relies on the market trends. You may need to pay more or lesser than the cost shown on the site.

Reserve rights to use your information for promotional and advertisement campaigns

Our site never releases or leaks out your personal information and data in any case yet owns the right to utilize them for any promotional and advertising campaigns. You are advised not to request any sort of compensation for the same.

We have clarified above points in the basic and simpler way for you to comprehend and comply with. You are requested to go through these points before taking any decision on the usage of our website.