Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Our website offers the exceptional travel-related services at competitive prices. Each client is valuable to us and therefore, to control the clients’ activities on our site we have mentioned the website’s terms and conditions. Terms and conditions of any website disclose what you have to do and what you ought to try not to do on our site. They also explain the complete course of action which the organization can take if you are performing something unordinary which is not permitted. We have pointed out the complete detail of our website’s terms and conditions below and you all are recommended to go through them. In any case, you disagree with these terms and conditions, you can refrain from using the site.

Foremost points in the list are as follows

Making use of the website’s access exclusively relies on the agreement between you and the organization. It isn’t essential to register to get the hands-on-information, available services, and products on our site. Additionally, you must make sure that none of your online activities are affecting the travel business of the site in anyhow.

Trademarks and copyright We are one of the most reputed names in the travel domain and to stay ahead of the counterparts, we contribute a major amount of money for maintaining quality on images, logos, symbols, and other intellectual properties. Almost every content or element available on the site is subject to trademark and copyright. You are directed not to use any part of the intellectual properties in any form for unjustifiable benefits.

Contribution to the website We completely believe in the client’s satisfaction which will contribute towards working with different clients. Your valuable feedback and loyalty will convey our success and bring more business to new clients.

Removal of content Our site welcomes more and more clients to share their travelling experiences in detail. Don’t hesitate and feel free to publish your experience on our site. We don’t entertain any kind of inciting remarks and reserve the right to eliminate such substance. Keep our business reputation at the forefront. We make sure to keep the eagle eye watch on each and every action carried on our website page and never wait for time to remove such content.

Report abuse/defamation We maintain the strict guidelines and policies for abuse and defamation. Hence, you are encouraged to not try anything unacceptable on any of the website pages. In case, you mean well and need to share something great with us through the site then be assured that your activities are not proposed to influence the travel business of the site in any way. We are always geared up to help you in such a manner.

Privacy It is significant for us to make sure to protect your privacy whenever you visit our website. Therefore, you should apply our technical tools to ensure that your data doesn’t get hacked.

Third-party website link You may find a number of third-party website links on our site which are utilized for your reference. In fact, we don’t support promote those sites. In this way, you have to agree with their own terms and conditions prior to using them.